Monday, January 11, 2010

Human Rights

There is a court case in California regarding the right of gay people to marry. Does anyone else see this as similar to when women were fighting for the right to vote? Or black people the right to be free. All throughout our history, groups of people that had less rights had to fight for equal rights. This is no different. It is a unique group, with supporters, fighting for a right the majority have. Can we not learn from history and simply grant the right as it should, and very likely will be?

Sunday, January 10, 2010

That One Thing

A couple weeks ago I mentioned that we should strive to do one thing a week this year to benefit society. One of my goals is to not take a car to work at least one day week. I took the bus twice in the first week. Unfortunately, the first day I did, I left my hat on the bus. So, do something good, but try not to lose something. That kind of defeats the purpose. Now I have to get another hat.

Saturday, January 2, 2010

Modern Racism

I recently heard the term Modern Racism and a possible definition. I say possible because as a newer term, there is debate about its meaning. However, the phrase captures a meaning that needs to be differentiated, and that is as referring to the opinion that racism no longer exists and people other than white are getting more than they deserve via affirmative action. It is not traditional racism because a persons feelings are masked behind "equality."

Equality is the idea that people should be treated equally. It is something I firmly believe. However, I also believe that this society still has a long way to go before we reach a true equality. It is not just affirmative action, equal employment, and other supposed socially equalizing programs. It will be when a white person can walk in a black neighborhood and not have more fear than walking in a white neighborhood.

Some people will read that last sentence and think "Well, it is more dangerous for a white person in a black neighborhood." I will agree that it is more dangerous to walk in a poor neighborhood, which is an important distinction. Many white people associate black with poor and criminals. Black people do disproportionately make up the number of criminals behind bars. To me, the problem is that we let that happen.

As a society we have failed to meet the needs of those within the society. We have failed to educate everyone equally, to provide the necessary services, and ensure parents have the resources they need to raise their children in an environment that fosters a productive society. We need to break the negative cycle (that some people do not believe exists) and insert the idea that we are all in this society together. Then, ideally, modern racists will see that there are still many barriers to success for those that are not white.