Monday, August 10, 2009

Starting Small

There was another news story about starting small when going green. Some people, feeling overwhelmed by all the things that going green entails, get paralyzed and therefore do not do anything. What most should do is start small. Change a few light bulbs, if you need a new toilet, consider dual flush, if you have to buy a new appliance, get one that is energy star compliant. There is no need to try to radically change the way you live. That is usually too intimidating for anyone, including myself.

This same philosophy can apply to equality. If you believe in equality, that does not mean others will. As with going green, trying to convince someone that equality is better is not an all or nothing proposition. As with going green, changing fundamental beliefs is intimidating. Try getting to the core of the persons ideas and thoughts, not just what they say initially. Listen to what they are saying and try to understand their perspective. It will give you the opportunity to respond to the real issue and not just the presented issue. If you can just get te person to think a little differently, maybe just start to question a deeply held racist or sexist belief, the conversation will have been a success.
And the person may be a little more open minded the next time you talk.